Biopharmaca BiofarmakaBRC Staffs Get Education Training


Biopharmaca Research Center (BRC) staffs, which would go, are:

  • Salina Febriany, SSi (April 25 - May 18, 2011),
  • Titis Arifiana, SSi (Mei 12 - June 4, 2011)
  • Nunuk Kurniati Nengsih, Ninik Lestari Ningsih & Amat, AmD (October 2011).

After following the training, the participant must fill in the form about Report Instrument of Implementation of Performance Improvement Plant (Instrumen Laporan Pelaksanaan Rencana Peningkatan Kinerja) for three months. Then it must be sent to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , after signed by Head of Institution selfs. After that, the participant will be stated graduate after get Graduation Certificate of Education andTraining (Surat Tanda Tamat Pendidikan dan Pelatihan).

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