Holding the tasks of planning, managing and maintaining the sport and art facilities and infrastructure to support educational activities and community services

1. Planning and managing sport and art services to support education and development of the academic communities and the general public,
2. Responsibility in the maintenance and development of sports and art infrastructure and facilities owned by IPB,
3. Facilitating the development and improvement of performance in sports and arts in particular of the academic communities of IPB, and
4. Coordinating services and other activities that require the facilities and infrastructure managed by the Sport and Arts Unit of IPB.

The Facilities and Sport and Art Activities for IPB Residents
The facilities are managed by the Sport and Art Unit which was established in order to support the interests of students, lecturers, educational staff, families, and communities in the field of sports and arts. These facilities include the sport fields at Gelora/Gymnasium for football, athletics, futsal, volleyball, basketball, badminton, fitness, martial arts, table tennis, archery, and those in GOR that include badminton court, tennis courts, volleyball, basketball, softball, bike, and others. The sport facilities such as indoor courts and outdoor courts as well as the instrument and equipment for band, choir, regional and national art managed by Art UKM. The facilities for sports activities at IPB are considered very complete, and in 2006 and 2008 IPB received the titles as (1) First Winner in Sports-Caring Campus, and (2) Campus Caring for Sports Participation from the State Minister of Youth and Sports.

a. Head: Prof. Dr. Ir Khaswar Syamsu, MSc.St.
b. Secretary/Head of Administrative Work: Abdul Aziz, SE., MM
c. Head of General Section: Abdullah Hudri, SH

Gymnasium Building of Bogor Agricultural University Darmaga Campus of IPB Bogor
Website: http://orsen.ipb.ac.id
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gedung olahraga ipb

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