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Dear Colleagues,

Here we inform you about Care for Lupus SDF Awards 2012. In commemoration of World Lupus Day 2012, every May 10, Syamsi Dhuha Foundation (SDF) would like to hold “Care for Lupus SDF Awards 2012”. 

SDF calls for Indonesian researchers, people and organization to joint this event. It is aimed 1) to motivate the researchers to conduct research, which is original, innovative, and applicative as well as has added value in helping treatment and disease control for improving the quality of Odapus’s Life; 2) to encourage people, particularly the media, to socialize Lupus disease further, through writing, impressions, and other forms of publication; 3) to increase awareness and concern of public about Lupus Disease and Odapus.

Biopharmaca Research Center (BRC IPB) will join the event as participant. Now, BRC IPB is discussing and making the proposal.

Deadline Proposal: March 31st 2012, send it via email: sdf_awards[a] or pos:
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No.369 Komp DDK No.1 Bandung 40135.
CP: dr. Shiane Hanako (shiane_hanako[a]

TOR of Care Research SDF Award 2012.
Form Research of Care Lupus SDF Award 2012
Form Writing of Care Lupus SDF Award 2012.
Form Achievement of Care Lupus SDF Award 2012.
For more information, please contact SDF.

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