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One tradition in Bogor in order to welcome the month of Ramadan is cucurak, which eat together ahead of Ramadan in various places. Bogor as one of the culinary center has a lot of typical food centers which are well known nationally and maybe even the world.


Each year, Biopharmaca Research Center (BRC) held this tradition. This year (10/08/10), BRC cucurak held at Saung Kuring Restaurant, in New Road. Cucurak this tradition, in addition to be used as a venue for meals together also became a vehicle to further strengthen the unity of the PSB family. The event this time led by Dr. Ir. Yulin Lestari, and the praying by Mr. Agus F Kosim. In his speech, Dr. Yulin hope for us all to run the Ramadan fasting this time with a genuine and sincere intentions, and get the blessings of Almighty Allah.
Activities also continued with the birthday congratulations to the researchers and staff of PSB are berulangtahun in late June and early August, ie Kautsar Antonio (30/7), Dr. Dyah Iswantin Pradono, MAgr (31/7), Dr. Irmanida Batubara (7/8), Mulyadi (7/8), Sumiati (8/8) and Agus F Kosim (10/8). The event ended with a mutual pardon and forgive their pictures taken together. Congratulations to practice Ramadan fasting. We are sorry from deep of our heart.

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