PT. Primax & BRC Developing Raw Material of Pangolin



In his speech, Mr. Beni Soetanto, Chief of Operating Officer of PT. Primax said that many researchs in China using pangoling of Chuan Shan Jia (Chinese language) as medicine. Hopefully, in this year, the activity will be started with a workshop, and next step is research for efficacy and breeding of pangolin.

Head of LPPM, Prof. Dr. Ir. Bambang Pramudya N, M. Eng, supported this effort in developing Indo nesian resources, which lots of them not utilized. The activity can be sustainable. Meanwhile, Prof. Latifah, head of BRC, said that the activity is part of multidicipline cooperation, both in biopharmaca resource (animal) and efficacy & developing of product. The research of biopharmaca utilization of pangolin can be expected as raw material for herb/jamu. Additionally, BRC has developed product from worm, while from medicinal plant has been relatively more developed. The workshop about pangolin potency will plan in March 2011.

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