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Dear Colleagues,

Here we inform you about One Day International Seminar, held by Faculty of Animal Science Bogor Agricultural University.

The will be held:
Time : Tuesday, February 12th 2013
Venue : IPB International Convention Center (IICC), Jl. Padjajaran, Bogor
Applying Genetic Variation on the Control of Resistance to Infectious Diseases in Ruminants to Support Meat Self Sufficient in Indonesia
CP : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Prof. Jose F Garcia (Brazil): Opportunity and challenge in developing research collaboration in animal production and health through IAEA/FAO sheme.
Prof. David Notter (USA): Recent studies in genetic resistant to parasite infection on ruminants.
Prof. Ajmone Marsan Paolo (Italy): Global consortium on animal genome mapping.
Dr. drh. Fajar Satrija, MSc (National Zoonosis Center): Recent studies on parasite infection of ruminants in Indonesia.
Prof. Dr. Ir. Iskandar Zulkarnain, MSc (Director of Research & Strategic Study IPB): Facilities and direction of molecular genetics for research and study in IPB.
Dr. drh. Bambang Purwantara, MSc (Seameo Biotrop): Lesson learned in the research collaboration between developing and developed countries.


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