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Dear Colleagues,
Here, we forward you information about the fifth AAC (Asian Aromatherapy Conference) & AAIC (Asian Aroma Ingredients Congress), which will be held in Indonesia on the 23-26 April 2018. It will be held in Yogyakarta, a city where the Sultanate is still emanating the spirit of refinements, in which it has been the hallmark of Jogja's art, culture, and tradition for centuries. The theme of the conference is "Sustainable Growth of the Aromatic Industry through Value Chain Empowered and Applied Research". The event is organized by Atsiri Indonesia.

AAC-AAIC is the all-Asia aroma community platform where businesses meet businesses as well as researches and developments. An aroma community which was started in 2010 in Delhi, India with less than 200 participants and has now been evolving to more than 600 participants. As we all know, Asia with a 60% population of the world total, plays an important role to drive the world's economy - today and even more in the future, including the FnF (Flavor & Fragrance) industry which is amounting USD 24.45 Billion in total world market size (Leffingwell, 2016).

The community consists of members from EOAI (Essential Oil Association of India), FAFAI (Flavours & Fragrances Association of India), CHINAEASA (China Essential Oils, Aroma and Spices Trade Association), DAI - Dewan Atsiri Indonesia (Indonesian Essential Oil Council) and just this year, J-NEOA (Japan Natural Essential Oil Association) as well IFTCMA (International Federation of TCM Aromatherapist) of Taiwan and KAEAS (Korean Associaiton of Essential Oils, Aroma & Spa) also joining as new members. The conferences are held biennially between three countries: India (2010 & 2016), China (2014) & Indonesia (2012 & 2018).


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