Biopharmaca BiofarmakaMolecular Characterization of Bovine Herpesvirus Type 1 Indonesian Isolates


Molecular Characterization of Bovine Herpesvirus Type 1 Indonesian Isolates

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Karakterisasi Molekuler Bovine Herpesvirus Type 1 Isolat Indonesia

Muharam Saepulloh1, I.W.T. Wibawan2, D. Sajuthi2,3 & S. Setiyaningsih2



1Balai Besar Penelitian Veteriner, PO Box 151 Bogor e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan, Institut Pertanian Bogor Jl. Agatis Kampus IPB Darmaga Bogor 16680.
3Pusat Studi Biofarmaka LPPM-IPB, Kampus IPB Taman Kencana, Jl. Taman Kencana No. 3, Bogor 16128.

Issue Date : 2009
Publisher : Jurnal Ilmu Ternak dan Veteriner, Puslitbang Peternakan
Series / Report No :
ISSN: 0853-7380 E-ISSN: 2252-696X
Physical Description :
2009 Vol. 14 No. 1, p 66-74
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Different subtypes of bovine herpesvirus 1 (BHV-1) have been associated with different clinical conditions of cattle. For that reason subtypes differentiation has become an essential tool for understanding the pathogenesis and epidemiology of BHV infections. In search for a genomic region that would allow a clear distinction between BHV-1.1 and BHV-1.2 of glycoprotein D (gD) genes of 8 Indonesian isolates were amplified and sequenced. The amino acid sequence alignments revealed that the levels of genomic similarity ranging from 98.8 to 100% among BHV-1 Indonesian isolates and its results were also similar between BHV-1 Indonesia isolates and BHV-1.1 reference, and 98.4 to 98.8% between BHV-1 Indonesian isolates and BHV-1.2 reference. The isolates could be clearly separated into BHV-1.1 and BHV-1.2 after phylogenetic analysis. The results showed that the Indonesian isolates were characterized as BHV-1.1 as agent caused respiratory tract infections in cattle or infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) disease. The results suggest that the phylogenetic analysis performed here can be used as a potential molecular epidemiological tool for herpesviruses.

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Keywords : BHV-1.1, BHV-1.2, Glycoprotein D, Phylogenetic Analysis, IBR
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Saepulloh, M., I.W.T. Wibawan, D. Sajuthi & S. Setiyaningsih. 2009. Molecular Characterization of Bovine Herpesvirus Type 1 Indonesian Isolates. JITV, 14(1): 66-74.
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