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From Saturday-Sunday (29-30/9), BRC held UKM Festival of Traditional Herbal Medicine from Saturday-Sunday at BRC front yard of IPB Campus Taman Kencana, stil in the framework of BRC 14th anniversary. The ceremony was opened by IPB Vice Rector for Business and Communication, Dr. Ir. Arif Imam Suroso, M.Sc, CS.

At the opening speech, Dr. Arif encouraged the visitors to always drink 'jamu'. He also hoped that herbal products can successfully promote Indonesia internationally because currently there are about 300 plants developed into drugs and about 10 products already in the market. The aim of the festival is to promote 'jamu' as Brand of Indonesia and make trend of 'drinking jamu' as healthy lifestyle.

The festival was also enlivened by Drawing & Colouring Competition for elementary school pupils by raising the topic Fond of Drinking 'Jamu' ". The event was to introduce herbs or medicinal plants early to young children.

The festival was attended by about 21 participants. They are CV. Arofah; LPSB LPPM IPB; PT. Mahkota Dewa; PT. Dexa Medica; PT. Biofarindo; PSB LPPM IPB; PT. Trubus Media Swadaya; PT. Kalbe Farma; PT Marga Nusantara Jaya (Konimex); Jamu Gendong; PT. Matolindo Primantara; Zanjabil Corporation; Kampung TOGA Gunung Leutik; PT. Deltomed; UKBB PSB LPPM-IPB; ASPETRI; Propolis; and IPB Press.





Article of UKM Festival by IPB.
Green TV of UKM Festival of Herbal Medicine.


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