Biopharmaca BiofarmakaIST3: Call for Papers



Both Oral & Poster Presentations.
Must be written in English.
Papers will be published in “Jurnal Jamu Indonesia”:
Extended abstract consists of title and author/s, address; background & aim; methods; results; conclusion; & key words.

Poster Preparation Guidelines:
1. Paper Size width x height: size A1 (59,4 cm X 84,1 cm)
2. Layout Orientation: Landscape
3. In the poster listed title, name and institution name
4. Poster include: Background / introduction / abstract, Objectives, Methods, and Results.
5. Give the picture or graph to support the appearance of the poster.
6. Posters should be readable both in a distance of about 2 meters.

Flyer IST3.
Guideline of Abstract Submission IST3.
Registration Form IST3
Guidelines of Full Paper Submission of Journal Jamu.
Poster Presentation Template.

Proposal Sponsorship IST3.
Info IST3.
Info Festival Jamu.
Info Workshop Kemometrik & Metabolomik dalam Pengembangan Jamu.
Info Lomba Penulisan Artikel Jamu di Blog.
Info Lomba Penulisan Artikel Jamu untuk Koran/Majalah Ilmiah Populer.
Info Lomba Karikatur Jamu.

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