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For 3 days (13-15/12), Biopharmaca Research Center (BRC IPB) got invitation from Business Innovation Center (BIC) to participate in ‘Indonesia-China Science & Technology Week. 


Located at Birawa Room, Bidakara Hotel, over 100 exhibitors from the two countries, including technology-based companies, research institutes and universities presented advanced, practical and applicable technologies in the fields of agriculture, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and energy. The agriculture section included breeding, agro-product processing, agricultural machinery and equipment, ecological security, disaster prevention and mitigation, ICT application and technologies concerning people's livelihood. The TCM section covered technologies related to TCM patent prescription, dietary supplements, modern TCM production, TCM diagnosis and treatment. The energy section involved photovoltaic power, small hydropower, utilization of biomass and geothermal energy and other clean energy technologies.

Indonesia-China Expo    Indonesia-China Expo

In 2005, China and Indonesia entered into a strategic partnership, which marked the beginning of a new stage in bilateral relations. As an important China-Indonesia partnership, science & technology cooperation is conducive to socioeconomic progress and improvement of people's livelihood. The two countries share extensive mutual interests and broad prospect for cooperation in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, health and new energy. To facilitate cooperation in these fields, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia co-sponsored the China-Indonesia Expo on Applicable Technologies.

In his welcoming remarks, the Minister for Research and Technology, the Republic of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Gusti Muhammad Hatta suggested three aspects that should be considered in the future bilateral cooperation. First, is the application of the Monitoring and Evaluation system. Secondly, is the involment of young scientist in every programs of bilateral cooperation. It could be implemented through the exchange of young scientist: mobility and internship program; the join scientific seminars, training course and workshop. Last, is the involvement of private sectors in the future bilateral scientific cooperation.

Indonesia-China Expo    Indonesia-China Expo

A new MoU was signed between Vice Minister of Science and Technology, the People’s Republic of China Dr. Cao Jianlin and the Diputy Minister for Relevancy and Productivity, RISTEK Indonesia, Dr. Teguh Rahardjo. It is expressions of the scientist of both countries, especially on the respects of the intellectual property rights (IPRs), material transfer agreement (MTA) and the access to genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge (GRTK).

Hope that the exhibition provided an information platform for the exchange and cooperation among research institutes and companies of the two countries. Let us join hands to bring about an even brighter future.

Composition Evaluation of China Delegation.
Brochure of Indonesia – China Science and Technology Week 2011.
Lay-Out of The Venue.

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