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On Monday (19/8), Biopharmaca Research Center got a visit from New Academic Research Cluste (NARC) Team. They are Mr. Mitchell Horowitz & Mr. Simon Trip from Batelle USA and Mr. Michiyo Fujita from Chiyoda Corporation.

The team was welcomed by BRC Director, Prof. Dr. Ir. Latifah K Darusman, MS., and BRC Researchers. New Academic Research Cluster or NARC is part of Fast-Track projects (FTPs) and Priority Projects. A cluster that will bring people together to enhance learning, advance research, and promote collaboration to take Indonesia to a new academic level. Engineering students, medical students and other undergraduate students will work along side engineering faculty, clinicians and researchers from across the campus and around the world. The candidate sites are Serpong, Bekasi and Bogor.

Visiting NARC     Visiting NARC

Visiting NARC     Visiting NARC


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