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Pusat Studi Biofarmaka LPPM-IPB

On Friday night (3/12/10), located at Auditorium Floor 2nd, Ditjen Dikti Building, Senayan Jakarta, Biopharmaca Reseach Center (BRC) researcher, Prof. Dr. Ir. Latifah K Darusman, MS received Exceptional Intellectual Property Award (Anugerah Kekayaan Luar Biasa) from Indonesian Government.


AKIL is an event to signify the various achievements for lecturers, researchers, and people who produce intellectual property which effective and efficient manner. The innovation and creation are expected to compel industry, economic, and solve problem in society related to environment or strengthen scientific field which can enhance image and competitive of nation.  Besides, it can motivate the intellectual property producers to keep exist with the expertise and to create and produce a new invention so that they can contribute the growth of new industry and increase national economics’ competitiveness.

The award night was organized by Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Research and Technology, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Ministry of Trade, and Ministry of Agriculture.  The assessment was conducted by The Assessment Team that involved elements from government, associations, businessman, and academics which pointed by Minister of National Education.  The award was divided into 4 categories. From 176 incoming proposals, 35% was proposals in technology field, 20% was proposals in plant variety field and 24% was proposals in scientific field.  The committee provided 25 awards for all those categories but only got 15 winners.  

The winners are (1). Patent Technology Field: Prof. Dr. Ir. Latifah K Darusman, MS, and Yos Soetanto Theosabrata; (2). Protection Plant Variety Field: Dr. Suwarno; Dr. Ir. Dwi Asmono, MS. APU; Ir. Hasnam, Ph.D., APU.; Dr. Ir. M Muchlish Adie, MS.; Dr. Satoto; Ir. Subandi; Dr. Firdaus Kasim; Ir. Putu Darsana, MP. Ph.D., and Ir. Gregori Garnadi Hambali, M.Sc.; (3). Scientific Field: Prof. Dr. Edy Tri Baskoro, and Prof.(r) Dr. Ir. Abdul Karim Makarim; (4). Creative Industry Field: Leonard Theosabrata, B.Sc; and Ir. Achmad Subagio, M.Agr., Ph.D.

The award was granted for her contribution in the development of biopharmaca products. Partnership with PT. Bintang Toedjoe and PT. Biofarmaka Indonesia (Biofarindo), Prof. Latifah has been developing herbal medicine for anticholesterol and cardiovascular diseases, with title “Ekstrak Terstandar Penurun Kolesterol Darah dan Pencegah Penyakit Jantung Koroner Berbasis Ekstrak Daun Jati Belanda”. She is supported by her teamwork, i.e. Dr. Dyah Iswantini Pradono, M.Agr; drh. Min Rahminiwati, M.Sc., PhD ; drh. Sulistyani, M.Sc, Ph.D; Ir. Yunawati Gandasasmita, M.Sc.; and Drs. Edy Djauhari Purwakusumah, MS.  Last year, BRC researcher, Dr. Dyah Iswantini Pradono, M.Agr., also get the award in Patent Technology Category.  Working with her team work, Prof. Dr. Latifah K Darusman, MS and drh. Min Rahminiwati, M.Sc., PhD, she has developed uric acid formula with title “Formula Ekstrak Gabungan Apium Graveolens dan Sida Rhombifolia L. sebagai Bahan Fitofarmaka untuk Penyakit Gout: Inhibitor Xantin Oksidase”.

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