Biopharmaca BiofarmakaBRC Internal Auditor Team of QMS


After two days Training of Internal Auditor of QMS, the trainer, Mr. Nur Hadi Wijaya, STP, MM gave certificate that about 17  staffs passed the exam and can be BRC Auditor Internal.


The BRC Director determined the team of internal auditor. They are Susi Indariani, STP, MSi as the leader, with the members: 1). Siti Sa’diah, MSi., Apt.; 2). Dr. Irmanida Batubara, SSi., MSi.; 3). M. Agung Zaim, SSi., MSi.; 4). Wulan Tri Wahyuni, SSi., MSi.; 4). Waras Nurcholis, SSi., MSi.; and 5). Taopik Ridwan, SP.

They will conduct internal audit during the period from February to August 2012, then can further be extended in accordance with needs. Their tasks are to audit the QMS documents, such as Quality Guideline, Quality Procedures, SOP, Work Instructions, Documents from Outside, and Forms. Congratulation on duty!

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