Biopharmaca BiofarmakaVisiting from Youthful Lectures


Pusat Studi Biofarmaka LPPM-IPB

On Friday (30/3), about 18 youthful lectures came to BRC Office. The visiting program was one of internal programs under coordination of Ministry of National Education in Research and Community Services Institution Bogor Agricultural University (LPPM-IPB) to improve quality.

Led by Head of General Administration LPPM-IPB, Mrs. Atti Rustiati, the youthful lecturers was welcomed by Head of Division of Natural Resource Development and Cultivation BRC, Drs. Edy Djauhari Purwakusumah, MSi. While giving presentation of BRC Profile, the participants also had dialogue about herbs, medicinal plants, and some current issues which happened at IPB. They came from different universities in Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua.

kunjungan dosen muda   kunjungan dosen muda

kunjungan dosen muda   kunjungan dosen muda


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