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Starting from November 2012 - February 2013, Biopharmaca Research Student got an exchange student from Ehime, Japan. He is Takuro Matsumoto from Graduate School of Agriculture, Ehime University.

While he taking courses at IPB (Bio-Separation; Sensor and Biosensor; Organologam Chemistry; Tropical Agriculture; and Food security), he also did his laboratory research at the Laboratory of Biopharmaca Research Center (LBRC), with two plants, Sappan Wood and 3-type-Ginger (Zingiber officinale var. rubrum, Zingiber officinale var. amarum and Zingiber officinale var. officinarum).

First time he came, he looked like a shy guy. But as O-type-person, he easily started up his project with self-confident. He could adapt the food and the enviromental of Bogor straightforwardly. He's an outgoing and energic person. "Selamat Pagi" is the greeting that he always said when he came up. Although the laboratory staffs got trouble in communication first, but then everything is melt in a UNO game. We gonna miss you, Takuro san!.

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