Indonesia is Megadiversity Country


  • About 12% (515 species, 39% endemic) of the total mammal species, second in the world
  • 7.3% (511 species, 150 endemic) of the total reptile species, fourth in the world 
  • 17% (1531 species, 397 endemic) of the total bird species bird, fifth in the world
  • 270 species amphibians, 100 of which are endemic, sixth in the world
  • 2827 invertebrate species


  • Indonesia ranks fifth in the world, with more than 38,000 species (55% endemic)
  • Palm diversity ranks first in the world, with 477 species (225 of which are endemic)
  • More than half of the total timber producing tree species (350) with economic value (members of the Dipterocarps family) are found in this country, 155 of which are endemic to Kalimantan


  • About 1845 different species spread out in various forest formations.
  • About 135 of those species are used by ten large traditional medicine industries and twelve medium traditional medicine industries,
  • 49 out of all those medicinal plants are dispersed in Kalimantan Island