Indonesia is a country belong to “megadiversity countries” along with Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Zaire, Madagascar, China, India, Malaysia, and Australia which are believed to contain 70% of the world’s species diversity. Indonesia also is a multiethnic society, with more than 1.000 ethnic/subethnic groups. This unique combination makes Indonesia become a country rich in ethnobotany information as well. The utilization of both assets will make a significant contribution to increase the welfare of Indonesian society. Therefore, within this context, Biopharmaca Research Center (BRC) was established. Biopharmaca is defined as plants, animals, mineral, and microbes that have potential properties as drugs, health food, functional food, and nutraceutica, for human, animals, and plants. BRC is an organization belongs to Institute of Research and Community Services, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). BRC has devoted its existence as a networking institution and for coordinating research on biopharmaca-related materials. The Center is working on biopharmaca development, natural resources conservation, proposing bioprospective policy and regulation. Furthermore, its multidisciplinary expertise have the capability in exploration, conservation, cultivation, extraction, chemical structure analysis, standardization, and efficacy studies of the natural resources.